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     29-Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike  LOVE FREEDOM


    The large 19″ framed mountain bike is constructed using Aluminum Alloy. This makes the frame very strong and robust yet lightweight. Ideal for when you are on a difficult trail and need to man handle your bike around. With a rigid rear frame and locking front forks you have control over the handling in all conditions. The 21-speed super smooth trigger shifters with front and rear derailleurs make gear changes easy and smooth.

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    1000W-48V Adult Mountain e-bike Fat Tyre 48V-12.8AH


    The ShengMilo  mountain e-bike is constructed using an Aluminum Alloy frame. This makes the e-bike lightweight but extremely strong and robust in both everyday and adverse conditions. With a 1000W brushless motor and a lithium battery pack you have power to spare when using for road or off road riding.

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    10S-36V-3A Li-ion Battery Charger e-Scooter e-Bicycle


    The 10S-36V-3A Li-ion Battery Charger is for charging the battery of your e-Scooter or e-Bicycle. With a multiple choice of input plugs and wide range of output plugs the charger will fit almost everything. With Short circuit protection, over current protection and over voltage protection. The LED shows the status of the charger and battery connected. Red light denotes charging.  Green light denotes charge OK. The charge will end automatically when the battery is full.

  • 11-Area Electric Heated Jacket USB Heated Vest

    Heated waistcoat made of latest carbon fibre and imported high quality TPU. Promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain in winter, ideal for people who always suffer from bone pain on cold or rainy days. Powered by power pack.

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    12/14/16-Inch Children’s Learner Bike Toddler Bicycle


    The 12/14/16-Inch Children’s Learner Bike has a high carbon steel frame. That makes the bike a very strong and robust unit. Front caliper brake and coaster brake, high sensitivity and easy to control, much safer. Enclosed chain cover effectively prevent clothing from getting caught up in the chain.

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    16Pcs-300Pcs Portable First Aid-kit Mini Survival


    The emergency first aid kits bag is made using best quality Oxford cloth. This is a waterproof, strong and very robust material making it long lasting and very hard wearing. With a best quality zipper closure to keep out damp and dust so keeping all the contents contamination free. 3 pocket compartments keep all the different items sorted for easier selection when needed.

  • 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack AERDU 36V 12.8Ah 10S4P


    The Aerdu 18650 cell power pack is a multi use battery pack. Constructed to the buyer specifications and output values. Fitted with BMS function, this is to control Over-charge or over-discharge. Also over-current and short circuit protection. When storing the battery when not in use always store batteries in a cool, dry place. Before use when new or reuse after a long storage always recharge to full charge. To use without charging will lead to over-discharge and severe damage to the battery cells.

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    2.8″-Bicycle Wireless Wired Computer Rainproof


    The mini computer is an ideal addition to your cycling fun. Giving real time data this item will aid your cycling experience. Keep a track on your speed, your estimated arrival time and distance travelled. Also keep a check on your fitness regime with calories burnt etc. The LCD display screen has a backlit feature to assist reading when riding in dim light or after dark.

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    20-Inch 3-Spokes Children’s Mountain-bike Magnesium Alloy


    The frame of the mountain-bike uses Magnesium Alloy. This metal is lightweight but also very strong. With a dual disc brake system and also a 7 speed gear shifter system giving full control over the cycle. Ideal for use on roads and off road. Take harsh and adverse conditions in your stride.

  • 21-Speeds 27.5-Inches Mountain Bike Suspension forks


    The adult mountain bike is constructed using best quality steel for the frame. This makes the mountain bike a very strong and robust and able to handle extreme conditions. With a 21 speed shifter system giving seamless trouble free gear changing. With dual mechanical disc brakes for direct stopping in all conditions.

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    26-Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bicycle Love Freedom


    The mountain bike has a 26-inch high tensile strength steel folding frame. With double suspension on front forks and rear. Giving a smoother, more comfortable ride even over adverse terrain. With a Shimano smooth 21-speed gear shifter and full Shimano drive train accessories for a top quality experience. The folding mechanism is by a quick release mechanism. The steel V-brake allows you to decelerate quickly. This gives a more sure ride and increased confidence in the ability of the mountain bike to carry you to the end of your journey.

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    26-Inch Foldable Mountain Bike Variable Speed Bicycle


    The 26-Inch folding mountain bike has a 21 gears variable speed shifter. The bicycle is made with high carbon steel for the frame. The mountain bike has front and rear disc brakes to give a positive stopping experience. With front fork shock absorbers to give a smoother riding experience even on adverse terrain.

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    26-Inch Mountain-bike Shock Absorption Variable Speed


    The mountain/off-road bike has a high carbon steel frame. The thickened tubular construction makes the frame strong and very robust. With a 21 or 24 speed gear shifter for good speed control. The cycle has dual disc brakes for optimum stopping in emergency situations. Ideal commute or leisure cycle.

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    26-Inch Road Bike 21-Speed Variable Speed Racing Bike


    The road racing bike has a lightweight high quality carbon steel frame. This makes the bike easy to manoeuvre  and also very strong and robust. With a 21 speed shifter system giving control over the terrain such as uphill sections. The dual brake system gives a controlled stopping in normal riding and also in an emergency situation.

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    26-Inch Steel Frame MTB HILAND 21 Speed


    The Hiland mountain bike has a steel frame. This gives the mountain bike a very strong and robust quality. Double disc-brakes and Taiwan ZOOM suspension fork. The frame carries a LIFE TIME warranty. SHIMANO Revo-Shift twist grip shifters with 21 speeds. Giving the rider more control over extreme or uphill terrains.

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    36v-10ah e-Bicycle Battery Pack Laudation 10S-3P-500W

    The 18650 battery lithium power bank is a very reliable power source. Made for e-Bikes and e-Scooters it gives a good power source to run the brushless electric motor. With a built in BMS (Building management system) of 25Amp. The BMS is a computer-based systems used to monitor and control all aspects of the main unit. With a warranty period of 1 year after the product delivery date to the customer address.
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    36V-12Ah Lithium Battery Pack High rate 20A BMS


    The 36V-12Ah Lithium Battery Pack is made up with 10 series of 3 parallel(10S3p) 18650 rechargeable battery cells. A very robust power pack with a PVC waterproof skin to keep the integrity of the power cells. Supplied with a built-in 20A BMS to prevent over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short circuit. So ensuring the long life expectancy. Also supplied with a 42V 2A fast Charger, ideal for both fast charge and overnight charging. With an automatic power cut off when full charge is achieved.

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    42V-10A-10S Charger Lithium-Li-ion Battery-Pack


    The 42V-10A-10S Lithium-Li-ion Battery-Pack charger is a very adaptable charger system. Able to customize any charging voltage and charging current. According to you the customers needs. High-Efficiency and Safe. Precise limit of voltage & current. Qualified fully charged and so avoiding over charge. Using aluminum heat sink with a good thermal design. More efficiently cooling the power device. So will extend the service life of the charger.

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    42V-4A Li-ion Battery Charger Output: 42V DC


    The charger is rated 42V 4A and is compatible with Li-ion battery packs with similar rating values. Fitted the full safety features as Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and Overvoltage protection. Also Reverse Polarity Protection and Over-temperature protection. LED indicator light: red and green, double color instructions, red charging green finished or standby

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    6LED Forehead Flashlight Torch Mini Headlamp 3 Modes


    The adjustable headlamp has elastic and Anti-Slip strap enables both kids and adults to have a comfortable fit. The sturdy headlamp body tilts up and down to allow the beam to be directed as needed. Adjustable straps allow you to make quick adjustments to tighten or loose as needed.