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     29-Inch Aluminum Mountain Bike  LOVE FREEDOM


    The large 19″ framed mountain bike is constructed using Aluminum Alloy. This makes the frame very strong and robust yet lightweight. Ideal for when you are on a difficult trail and need to man handle your bike around. With a rigid rear frame and locking front forks you have control over the handling in all conditions. The 21-speed super smooth trigger shifters with front and rear derailleurs make gear changes easy and smooth.

  • 21-Speeds 27.5-Inches Mountain Bike Suspension forks


    The adult mountain bike is constructed using best quality steel for the frame. This makes the mountain bike a very strong and robust and able to handle extreme conditions. With a 21 speed shifter system giving seamless trouble free gear changing. With dual mechanical disc brakes for direct stopping in all conditions.

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    26-Inch 21-Speed Mountain Bicycle Love Freedom


    The mountain bike has a 26-inch high tensile strength steel folding frame. With double suspension on front forks and rear. Giving a smoother, more comfortable ride even over adverse terrain. With a Shimano smooth 21-speed gear shifter and full Shimano drive train accessories for a top quality experience. The folding mechanism is by a quick release mechanism. The steel V-brake allows you to decelerate quickly. This gives a more sure ride and increased confidence in the ability of the mountain bike to carry you to the end of your journey.

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    26-Inch Foldable Mountain Bike Variable Speed Bicycle


    The 26-Inch folding mountain bike has a 21 gears variable speed shifter. The bicycle is made with high carbon steel for the frame. The mountain bike has front and rear disc brakes to give a positive stopping experience. With front fork shock absorbers to give a smoother riding experience even on adverse terrain.

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    26-Inch Mountain-bike Shock Absorption Variable Speed


    The mountain/off-road bike has a high carbon steel frame. The thickened tubular construction makes the frame strong and very robust. With a 21 or 24 speed gear shifter for good speed control. The cycle has dual disc brakes for optimum stopping in emergency situations. Ideal commute or leisure cycle.

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    26-Inch Road Bike 21-Speed Variable Speed Racing Bike


    The road racing bike has a lightweight high quality carbon steel frame. This makes the bike easy to manoeuvre  and also very strong and robust. With a 21 speed shifter system giving control over the terrain such as uphill sections. The dual brake system gives a controlled stopping in normal riding and also in an emergency situation.

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    26-Inch Steel Frame MTB HILAND 21 Speed


    The Hiland mountain bike has a steel frame. This gives the mountain bike a very strong and robust quality. Double disc-brakes and Taiwan ZOOM suspension fork. The frame carries a LIFE TIME warranty. SHIMANO Revo-Shift twist grip shifters with 21 speeds. Giving the rider more control over extreme or uphill terrains.

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    Adult Off-road Mountain bike Folding Frame 24 Speed


    The mountain bike is manufactured using high quality carbon steel for the frame. The gearing is operated by a fast speed shifter that gives seamless gear changing in all conditions. With a dual disc braking system. This gives controlled stopping even in an emergency situation.The ride is made smoother with both front forks and rear wheel dampened suspension.

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    Adult-Teen Folding bicycle 20-inch 6-speed ultra-light


    The folding frame of the bike is a reinforced carbon steel frame. With thicker steel, stronger rigidity and a longer frame life. This makes it sturdy and durable, easy to cope with various road conditions. The bike folds up neatly in 15 seconds. Then it stows perfectly in the trunk of the car or ideal size to take on public transport. You can adjust the seat and handlebar height according to your needs. Maximum carry weight is 135 KG.

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    Carbon Adult Mountain Bike T800 carbon bike BXT


    The frame of the BXT XC2000 adult mountain bike is manufactured from best quality Carbon Steel. Fitted with dual mechanical disc braking system. Driven by a 36T Crankset. The Sensah R11 speed shift giving the mountain bike an excellent response to all your actions

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    Foldable Bicycle Super Light Carrying Unisex 20 Inch


    The lightweight folding bike is a unisex design. The frame is made from high carbon steel so giving a very strong and robust load carrying capability. With a 7 speed gear shifter giving the rider control over the different environments met on the journey.

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    Folding 27.5-Inch Mountain Bike 27 Speed Disc Brakes


    The mountain bike has a solid Aluminum alloy frame. With a front suspension fork and rear shock pump. This handles bumps and dips of rough terrain and mountain trails. Fitted with the Shimano 27 speed twist shifters. Also paired with the Shimano rear derailleur for faster more precise gear shifting. The mountain bike is fitted with dual disc brakes. This provides enhanced stopping power. Always be in control over your speed and safety. Ideal for an entry level rider or for the more adept trail blazer.

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    Folding Mountain Bike 21-speeds Wheel Size 26-inches


    The mountain bike is manufactured with a high strength folding high Carbon Steel frame. This gives the mountain bike a high load bearing ability. With high strength and robustness. With a 21 speed smooth gear shifter, dual disk brakes for direct safe stopping. Full all round suspension giving a safer smoother ride.

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    Folding Suspension Mountain Bicycle 21 Speed


    The 21 speed off road bike is a unisex design and is suitable for adults and students. With a 3 knife wheel design, a 26″ frame it is ideal for all your mountain trail, parkland and urban use, Commuting or leisure it is a good fit for both.

  • HILAND 26-Inch Mountain Bike Steel Framed 21-Speed


    The Hiland mountain bike has a quality steel frame. This is very strong and robust. With a 21 speed gear shifter giving the rider full control over uphill or adverse terrain. The dual disc brakes give a controlled stopping over a reduced distance. With Taiwan suspension forks for a smoother ride. Ideal for commuter and leisure use.

  • HILAND 7-Speed City Bicycle Aluminum Frame 3 Colour


    The Hiland city cycle is constructed using Aluminum Alloy frame. Ideal and lightweight and easy to control in tight spaces. With a Shimano 7 speed gear shifter. Also with Dual Caliper brakes for fast and controlled stopping. The 18-inch frame is suitable for a person 5″6- 6″ tall.

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    Love Freedom Mountain Bike 7-21 Speed 26 * 4.0 Fat Tyre


    The frame of the mountain bikes are made of high carbon steel for strong support strength. Ergonomically designed, wear and corrosion-resistant. Providing a safe and reliable travel solution for teenagers. The unisex fat tyre mountain bikes feature a dual disc brake system. Both front and rear wheels are equipped with mechanical disc brakes. Full Geakit smooth gear shifter system, Not Just Gears and Rear Derailleurs. Also Using Grip Shifters

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    Macce Mountain Bike 26-Inch Adult Off-road Bike


    The high carbon steel framed mountain bike is lightweight and very robust. With a choice of 21, 24 or 27 speed smooth change gear shifter system to give control over the riding speed. Also providing the lower gears for the more exacting terrain. Truly an all round control over your action. With front and rear Disc Brakes to give perfect stopping or speed control on the difficult parts of your adventures. This is a must have for beginners and the more pro amongst the off-road community.

  • Mountain Bike 24/26-Inch Ultra-Light 21/24/27 Speed


    Using only high-quality Carbon Steel frame material. With a high carbon content the mountain bike is an ideal companion on the trails or rough terrain. With complete control over speed using either a 21, 24 or 27 gear smooth speed shifter. The stopping power is amply supplied Via the front and rear disc brakes. The all-terrain heavy treaded mountain tyres allow the bike to go anywhere. No matter the terrain or under wheel conditions. This mountain bike and these heavy treaded tyres will take all in their stride.

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    Mountain-bike 21-Speed Variable Speed Shock Absorption


    The off-road mountain bike is constructed using high-carbon steel. This is lightweight, sturdy and durable, making your riding safer. With a 21 speed reliable transmission smooth shifter system. The shifter enables the rider to choose the speed according to different road conditions. The mountain bike is equipped with dual disc brakes.