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    12/14/16-Inch Children’s Learner Bike Toddler Bicycle


    The 12/14/16-Inch Children’s Learner Bike has a high carbon steel frame. That makes the bike a very strong and robust unit. Front caliper brake and coaster brake, high sensitivity and easy to control, much safer. Enclosed chain cover effectively prevent clothing from getting caught up in the chain.

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    20-Inch 3-Spokes Children’s Mountain-bike Magnesium Alloy


    The frame of the mountain-bike uses Magnesium Alloy. This metal is lightweight but also very strong. With a dual disc brake system and also a 7 speed gear shifter system giving full control over the cycle. Ideal for use on roads and off road. Take harsh and adverse conditions in your stride.

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    Adult-Teen Folding bicycle 20-inch 6-speed ultra-light


    The folding frame of the bike is a reinforced carbon steel frame. With thicker steel, stronger rigidity and a longer frame life. This makes it sturdy and durable, easy to cope with various road conditions. The bike folds up neatly in 15 seconds. Then it stows perfectly in the trunk of the car or ideal size to take on public transport. You can adjust the seat and handlebar height according to your needs. Maximum carry weight is 135 KG.

  • Children’s 16-inch Mountain Bike Ninebot Aluminum Alloy


    The Children’s Ninebot Hybrid Bike is constructed using best quality Aluminum Alloy for the frame. With rear disc and front coaster brakes to give your child control over speed and stopping ability. Fully-enclosed bicycle chain protects from injury and cloths damage from exposed chain. Suspension on the front wheel.

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    Children’s Balance Cycle Unisex Infant

    Children’s balance cycle unisex riding bicycle. Adjustable bicycle handlebar and seat. Allowing the child to have the bike adjust to suit the growth pattern. Comes with training wheels. Front brake and coaster brake system giving a good responding brake system. safe and stable. Sturdy carbon steel bike frame and forks.


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    Children’s Bicycle Single Speed 16-Inch 4-12 Year


    The cycle is manufactured using premium grade steel. This gives the cycle a very strong and robust frame. Able to handle the knock and bumps associated with a young child learning to balance on a cycle. The cycle comes with black tyres & single speed. Supplied with or without stable training wheel for early rider. Quick release seat simplify the height adjustment. Both seat and handlebars are height adjustable to suit the child. 

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    Children’s mountain bike Unisex school student 18/20 inch


    The children’s mountain bikes are are a unisex design. And is suitable for children from 8 to 15 years of age. With a smooth and precise speed gear shifter.  This allows the rider to change gear effortlessly. High sensitivity and easy operation means the mountain bike can go most places with ease. The double shoulder front fork shock absorber gives the rider a smooth riding experience. Able to travel over the roughest of terrain with little or no discomfort. This is an ideal mountain bike for your child to go and explore.

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    Children’s Student’s Mountain Bike Variable Speed


    The mountain bike is constructed with a high-carbon steel frame. This gives a strong and very robust ride in all conditions. Wear-resistant anti-skid tyres. Manufactured from best quality rubber materials. Giving the best grip in all terrains and all conditions. The lightweight frame is light to manoeuvre in tight area’s and ride. The streamlined frame design is suitable for all uses from travel to school or uni. To days at the park or off-road adventures.

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    Foldable Bicycle Super Light Carrying Unisex 20 Inch


    The lightweight folding bike is a unisex design. The frame is made from high carbon steel so giving a very strong and robust load carrying capability. With a 7 speed gear shifter giving the rider control over the different environments met on the journey.

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    Magnesium Alloy Childrens Bicycle 2-10 Years Boy’s Girl’s


    The children’s trainer bike is an ideal starter bike. With removeable training wheels will give your child confidence to ride. The frame is robust Magnesium alloy. With front and rear Vee brakes for easy stopping this is the ideal starter cycle for your child.

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    Mountain Bike 20-24-Inch Unisex Students Teenager


    20″ mountain bike with high carbon steel. Ideal for students and teenagers for school and college commuting.  Dual brakes and have high sensitivity. Non-slip wear-resistant thickened tires. 

  • NINEBOT Mountain Bike 18inch Children bicycle


    The Ninebot children’s 18″ mountain bike is manufactured using Aerospace-graded Aluminum for the frame. Also with double disc brakes and a streamline and minimalist design. The mountain bike is ideal for off road play, road riding and commuting to and from education.

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    OUTUP Children’s Mountain Bike Aluminum Alloy Frame


    The child’s mountain bike is made with an Aluminum Alloy frame. This makes the mountain bike extremely lightweight but also very strong and robust. This property makes it easier to ride in awkward trails and uneven ground. With front and rear disc brakes for super efficient stopping on most surfaces. This is a single speed bike and is ideal as a starter bike for both boys and girls.

  • Segway NINEBOT Children’s bicycle 18 inch Mountain Bike


    The Ninebot 18 inch kids bike is made from Aerospace grade aluminum alloy. The frame has a discreet PU form which makes the Ninebot kids bike sturdy, lightweight and portable. The coaster brake works on the rear wheel. And the V-brake works on the front. With CST pneumatic tires which are made from environmental friendly materials. This is durable, shock absorption and suitable for complex terrain. A streamline and minimalist design with adult bicycle craftsmanship process for top quality kids bike.

  • Variable Speed Children’s Mountain-bike Aluminum Alloy


    The unisex children’s mountain-bike is constructed with an Aluminum Alloy frame. Stopping is by way of a dual disc brake system. This gives the mountain-bike a fast response when applying the brakes. Also has a 6 speed gear shifter. The ergonomic design of the mountain-bike frame is ideal for all children from 120 – 150cm.