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    10-Inch Hip-Hop Self-Balancing e-Board Two Wheels


    The 10 inch e-Balance board has 2 x 350W brushless motors. With a high end lithium battery to maintain a ride distance up to 15-18km. The ride distance is dependant on road and weather conditions. Between 1-2 hours ride time from a 2 hour charge. Weight load is 20-130 kg weight range. The rubber tyres provide excellent traction on most surfaces.

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    10.5-inch Off-Road Bluetooth Hoverboard Self-balancing


    The 2 wheeled hover board is powered by 2 brushless motors. The combined power output of these motors is 700W. The knee control bar allows for precise steering and easy lifting. 10.5inch anti skid tyres drive smoothly on rough roads. With a BMS battery management system gives a comprehensive battery safety protection. This hoverboard is a fun way for children to travel and hang out.

  • 10Inch 36v/54v Balance Scooter Dual Motor


    The 10Inch 36v/54v Balance Scooter has dual 350W brushless motors. This gives a strong power output and enables the balance scooter to reach 9mph on a run. With a distance range of 10 to 30KM dependant on road and weather conditions. The BMS battery management system gives comprehensive battery safety protection for the 36V lithium ion battery pack.  An ideal little run around.

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    500W Self-balance Smart Hoverboard 2 Wheeled 6.5”


    The hover balance board has a propulsion of 2 x 250W brushless electric motors. There is a built in lithium battery which is charged by use of a plug-in charger port on the balance board. The recharge time is approx 2 hours. The Hoverboard has colourful glowing LED pedals. Also featuring attractive vibrant LED lit wheels. Also with a built in Bluetooth comes with a Remote Control. The carry capacity is 100kg. 

  • Begode EXTREME BULL X-MAX Unicycle

    Begode EXTREME BULL X-MAX Unicycle with either a  C38/C30 e-Motor 2800W 100V. The power is supplied using an 1800Wh power pack. The ergonomically designed Unicycle is comfortable to ride. When you finish riding just fold the foot plates on either side up and close to the body. Very easy to learn to ride the electric Unicycle. A novice will learn balance and forward stop motion in very short time.

  • Begode Gotway-Mten3 Electric Unicycle 84V 800W


    The Begode Gotway-Mten3 Electric Unicycle has an environmentally friendly and fall resistant hard shell. With an 84V 800W brushless motor giving a worry free drive in all conditions. With a Sanyo Battery pack 512Wh supplying a continuous strong power to the wheel. The tyre provides more stability. Ride it on the road, potholes are no problem.Take it off the road, it’s the smoothest experience you can have on unpaved ground. 

  • Begode Master Electric Unicycle 3500W 134V


    The Begode Master. With state of the art battery technology. The most powerful motor ever. An upgraded suspension system and a very comfortable seat. Also with a perfect designed tyre, this is one of the best electric unicycles available. The MSX battery comes with a storage capacity of 2400Wh 134V. Thanks to the MSX battery technology it charges your unicycle in just 4-6 hours. Propelled by a powerful 3500W Torque C38 motor. The Master is the epitome of performance and speed.

  • Begode MCM5 Electric Unicycle 84V 800Wh Gotway


    The Gotway MCM5 Unicycle is a top quality 14″ balance wheel. Delivering good power and range in a very compact body. Capable of speeds up to 40 km / h.  This represents one of the highest speeds for wheels with a 14 inch diameter. With a large selection of batteries to choose from. From the more budget options with a battery of 340wh. And up to the most powerful version of 800Wh.

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    Begode-Mcm5-V2 Monowheel 800Wh-84V 1500W-Motor


    The Begode-Mcm5-V2 Monowheel e-Unicycle has an 84V 1500W magnetic levitation power motor. Giving ultra-quiet operation. The power is stronger and longer lasting than other motor designs. With an 18650 Battery Pack giving 800Wh of useable power to your wheel. The 14″ wheel diameter gives a good grip in all conditions and terrain. The smart electrical system has multiple alarms to keep you safe at all times.

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    Daibot Powerful Electric Hoverboard X60 Double Driver


    The big 19″ wheeled off-road urban electric hover-board is an ideal run about for city or urban living. No pollution, low running costs and compact so easier to park. Ride for a day out seeing the sights. Go to the park and just hang out or use to commute to and from workspace or education. Take on public transport for longer commutes and no need for taxi or public transport on arrival. The big wheeled hover-board will get you there in plenty of time.

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    Electric Hoverboard 6.5-Inch Bluetooth LED Lights


    The self balancing scooter has a power output of 500W. The drive is from 2 x 250W brushless electrical motors. Equipped with a high end battery to maintain up to 10-15km travel distance. With a weight load between 20-120 kg. Intelligent fault detection and intelligent weight detection. With temperature detection, circuit protection and low electricity reminder. Built in Bluetooth wireless speaker and app to control aspects of the balance scooter.

  • Electric Unicycle Master 20inch High Torque


    The Gotway MasterUnicycle is propelled using a 3500W 134V High Torque Motor. The power is supplied by an 2400Wh LG Battery pack. Ideal for off road or asphalt surfaces. No terrain is too extreme for this mono wheeled monster. With an upgraded internal structure of the shell to stop rubbing of the tyre. The electrical systems are also upgraded. With new and improved Bluetooth speakers. Also new and upgraded LED lights for front and rear.

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    Hoverboard 6.5-Inch Balance Board 500W Motor


    The 6.5-Inch Balance Board is powered by (500W) 2x 250W brushless motors. With self balancing the balance board is easy to learn especially for younger children. This makes the balance board an ideal present on special occasions. With wireless Bluetooth play your music as you ride. The wheels and the body have colourful LED lights that flash as you ride.

  • INMOTION V12-HT Electric Unicycle 2800W


    With a 100.8V 2,500W motor achieving a top speed in excess of  40 MPH max speed. The Inmotion V12-HT is the Ferrari of the unicycle world. Also a colour touchscreen capacitance display built into the wheel. Also 4 Bluetooth speakers for excellent sound reproduction. The 1750wh battery gives it a range of over 60 miles. This is the fastest 16in electric unicycle on the market. With a 265lbs /120kg payload limit. A truly awesome ride experience.

  • INMOTION V5F 14inch e-Unicycle 84V 320Wh 550W


    The INMOTION V5F 14inch e-Unicycle has a powerful 84V 550W Magnesium alloy motor. The battery pack is 320Wh output rating.  The Self Balance Smart Wheel has a LED lighting system with all upgraded LED lights. The mono wheel is a compact design, light and easy to transport on public transport.

  • INMOTION V8F Electric Unicycle 1000W 84V 518Wh


    The unicycle is designed with a 1000W motor and an LG internal battery. The charging system has a BMS fitted protection. Reaching a speed of 22mph and climbing hills with a slope of maximum 30 degree. Ergonomic design with continuous carving that blends with a suitcase like carry handle for portability and easy handling.

  • INMOTION V8F-84V-518Wh Smart e-Unicycle


    INMOTION V8F-84V-518Wh Smart e-Unicycle is an affordable way to travel. Ideal for education or commute to the work space. With wide foot plates to give stability and ease when riding. Also with built-in leg-pads to increase your grip on the casing. The single wheeled electric balance wheel is good for a trip to the city for shopping or a pleasant ride to the park to hang with your mates. Makes your time a pleasure.

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    INMOTION-V12 High Torque Unicycle Multifunctional


    The INMOTION-V12 High Torque Unicycle has a Multifunctional Touch Screen display. With a 100V 1750wh High Torque brushless electric motor the power generated is awesome. Easy to balance and ride for a trouble free journey. The 1750wh battery pack gives power for up to 90 miles of ride power. With a waterproof of IPX5 this will combat even the most extreme weather conditions. Enjoy your ride out for pleasure or to commute to education or the workplace.

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    KingSong S22-Eagle Unicycle 126V-2220Wh 3300W Motor


    The KingSong S22-Eagle Unicycle is powered using a hollow bore motor. This generates a nominal output of 3300W and a peak power output of 7500W. With a top speed of 70 km/h. The e-wheel also boasts an extraordinary free spin speed of 105km/h. The unicycle can climb a 40 degree incline and carry a maximum load of 120 kg. With a high capacity 2220Wh LG50LT 21700 battery pack. This provides an impressive range of 200km travel distance.

  • One Wheeled Electric Unicycle Ninebot Z6


    The Ninebot is an electric smart Unicycle. With a brushless 1200W electric motor giving around 35 miles per charge. Ideal to pop to the shops, chill with friends or take to the wilderness trails. No matter the terrain with a heavy duty tyre this electric Unicycle will take you there and back. With an environmentally friendly and fall resistant shell. Imported high strength and anti fall ABS+PE material. With high resistance from damage through rough use. A do anything, go anywhere Unicycle.