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    Adjustable Urban Folding Scooter Disk Brake


    Made with carbon steel frame and aluminum kick plate giving strength as well as being lightweight. The scooter is ideal for children and adults for commuting or just hanging out. With dual brakes combining rear foot brake and disc brakes for better stopping. Quick to fold and store, good for public transport.

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    Adult Foldable Foot Scooter T-Style Double Shock Absorption


    The foot scooter is manufactured using best quality Aluminum Alloy. This gives the foot scooter a very lightweight but also strong robust quality. With cable hand brake and rear friction brake giving exceptional stopping ability. The folding frame also makes this ideal if your journey needs to use bus or train.

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    Adults Urban Fashion Scooter Portable Aluminum Alloy


    The folding kick scooter is made with Aluminum Alloy. Is lightweight and has high durability. With water resistant 200mm big PU wheels. Also Front & Rear Shock-Absorbing System. This reduces vibration and make a smoother ride. The maximum supporting weight 2200lb (100kgs).

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    Children 3-Wheel Light-up Scooter Kick Scooter


    The Children 3-Wheel Light-up Scooter scooter is designed with adjustable handlebars. Also support for up to 50kg carry. The Aluminum Alloy T-Style handlebar has 3 adjustable height options from 70 to 85cm. With 2 big front LED wheels and 1 small rear LED wheel. Aluminum Alloy deck with high quality ABEC-7 bearings reduce vibration. This give a smooth ride for children from ages 3-8.

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    Children’s 3-Wheel Kick Scooter with Flash Wheels


    The kick scooter is design with 4 adjustable height settings. Featuring 2 large front LED extra-wide wheels and a double rear LED wheels that light up as you ride. Built with aluminum alloy pipe and stainless-steel parts. The triangle design of the scooter gives more stability. Thus making a safer ride experience for little people. Folds in seconds making it easy to store and transport.


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    Children’s Scooter 3-Wheel Flash-wheels Kick Scooter


    The folding children’s scooter features 2 extra wide LED PU wheels in the front.  and a small rear LED PU wheels. The scooter is a unisex style. Made of high quality material: comfortable Non- slip hand grips; extra wide PP frame; large PU flashing wheels; High-strength Aluminum pipe; ABEC-7 bearing. Featuring an adjustable handlebar with 4 adjustable height options. (23in/27in/29in/31in). With a maximum weight 70kg/154 LBS. Perfect for kids 2-12 Years.

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    Folding 2-wheel Aluminum Scooter Shock Absorption


    The all aluminum kick scooter is equipped with 200mm PU large wheels. ABEC-9 bearings and front and rear shock absorption system give you a smooth and comfortable ride. With a fender brake and handbrake for safer stopping. A non slip wide deck allows you to cruise with ease. Disc handbrake For emergency and safer stops. With a durable and sturdy deck that supports riders up to 220lbs.

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    Freestyle Stunt Scooter 2-Wheeled  Trick Scooter Reinforced


    The stunt scooter is designed for entry level riders to help them build their skills. This scooter has the ideal balance of performance and durability in a super lightweight package. Made of aluminum alloy, lightweight and strong. This makes the scooter robust and long lasting. With the added safety of high manganese steel brake pads. The brake effect is fast, sensitive and wear-resistant. The brake and the mudguard are two in one.

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    HOOMORE Fashion Kick Scooter 2 wheels height adjustable


    The kick scooter has a steel frame construction which makes it very strong and robust. Fender brake and handbrake provide double safety when you need emergency and safety stops. With an easy folding mechanism, you can fold and unfold it in three quick steps without extra tools.

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    IMBABY Freestyle Stunt Scooter Adult Child’s


    The entry level stunt scooter a body of 6061 Aluminum alloy which is light and sturdy. Also with ABEC-7 wheel bearing giving a stable and durable ride. With a braking pedal on the back wheel of the scooter, safe and convenient. This is the most affordable yet durable designed entry level stunt scooter, for beginner riders 7 years up boys girls with little or no stunt scooter experience.

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    Kick Foldable Aluminum Scooter 2 wheels shock absorption


    The Aluminum scooter is a great substitute for a bicycle, Easy to ride, small and compact when folded. The Aluminum construction makes it ideal for commuting, Adult or teen use for commuting or leisure use. Rear disc brake for added stopping power.


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    Outdoor Sports Kick Scooter Adult with Handbrake


    The Folding scooter has 18cm wide wear-resistant PU wheels. Designed to gives the kick scooter both added stability and safety. With a metal frame & rubber handle. This kick scooter is not only durable & strong but comfortable to ride. Bearing/ Size]: 82×47×98cm/ Weight 8kg/ load 70kg.

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    Portable Height Adjustable Scooter Double Brake Foldable


    The Folding kick scooter is manufactured using best quality Aluminum Alloy. This give the scooter a lightweight but very robust strong quality. Fully folding function allows space saving storage. Also ideal for cross city travel using bus or train. Front lever brake with rear friction brake giving good stopping ability.

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    Pro-stunt Freestyle Trick Scooter 360 Spin Scooter


    The extreme stunt scooter is an entry level to intermediate standard scooter. It is suited to young from 8 years through teen to adult. The pro scooters has 48cm wide Y shape high strength steel handlebars. With 100mm durable PP/Alloy core and high rebound 88A PU cast wheels.  Also with robust ABEC 7 ball bearings. The stunt scooter gives you a smooth and fast riding experience.

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    Stunt Scooter 2-Wheeled Freestyle Trick Aluminum Alloy


    The Aluminum alloy body is lightweight and strong. Also easy to handle in stunts and tricks. Light and powerful with a load bearing capacity of 150kg. The wheel hubs are made of high strength nylon. this give the wheels a high elasticity. Also wear resistant and is suitable for various roads surfaces and conditions. This is a first use to intermediate user. Striking the ideal balance of performance and durability in a super lightweight package.

  • Teenager Adult Foldable Scooter 2 Wheels Children Kick


    The scooter is manufactured with a lightweight aluminum frame and kickboard. Can hold riders up to 220 lbs and suitable for adult and teenagers. Also with hi-speed oversized wheels. With a foot operated rear brake

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    Three Wheeled Swagger Scooter Drifter Board


    The 3 wheeled swagger scooter has a metal steel frame and footplate. This gives the scooter a strong and very robust property. Designed for drifting, carving and freestyle riding. The scooter is easy to fold and so convenient for storage, or traveling. The 3 level adjustable height handlebar can be raised and lowered with ease. This scooter is an ideal scooter for your children.

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    Two-wheeled Universal Extreme Scooter Adjustable


    The kick scooter is a universal type for adult’s and children. A unisex design and fully adjustable to suit most size of rider. The scooter uses a one-second folding mechanism to ensure a convenient commute and play. It weighs only 10 lb/4.5kg and comes with a shoulder strap, so you can easily take it to a bus, subway or anywhere you choose. The scooter is equipped with large PU 8″ (200mm) wheels.