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    4pcs Skateboard Wheels Double-rocker Wheels 95A


    The skateboard replacement wheel set are 95A hardness, 52mm x 32mm the wheels set are good for many skateboard and will give good control for tricks and mobility. The skateboard wheel set is durable and wear-resistant. Great for trick skating and on smooth surfaces. Perfect for Park Skating

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    7-Layer Maple Double Kick Standard Skateboards


    The skateboard is made using 7 layers maple wood. Making it more sturdy, reliable and safe. The load bearing capacity is up to 200 KG, which is safe for beginners and professional riders. The Double Kick Warped Design allows for Easier Braking. The Waterproof Emery Board Surface Provides A Great Traction Between Your Shoes and The Board.  Giving A Safe Riding Experience. PU wheels and Built-in ABEC 7 bearings reduce vibration and deliver a very smooth ride.

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    Child’s Four-wheel Patterned Skateboard Printed


    The skateboard is made of 7 layers of high quality maple wood. This is a stable and safe wood and  offers a perfect balance between toughness and weight. The board dimensions are 80 cm * 20 cm * 12.5cm which is 31 “X 8”. With high speed ABEC-7 precision bearings for fast rotation with no noise. Highly elastic PU wheels are suitable for skating on complicated ground and enable perfect stunts. 

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    Children’s Skateboarding Double Rocker 60cm/24″


    With 7-layer high density maple wood with strong black grip tape the skateboard is very strong and robust. Also the 5 Inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks are able to withstand uneven and rough tracks. With 608 2RS bearings that are high speed and silent for smooth running. Also with 52mm 417A PU high-rebound shock absorbing bushing so has excellent performance on bumpy streets. The ideal for young and old who want to play.

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    Double Snubby Maple Skateboard PUENTE Adult 4 Wheel


    The Puente adult 8-layer hard maple deck 4 wheel skateboard, with ABEC – 9 high-speed nylon and chrome steel bearing. Giving zero noise fast-spinning roller wheels. Also with thermal transfer printing pattern design, water resistant and not easy to fade. 

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    Drift Board Two-lions Wood Freeline Roller Anti-slip


    Made using 7 layers of Canadian maple. The wood is precise and the texture is uniform. The board uses PU wheels (72*44mm), with high-speed ABEC-7 bearings and shock absorption system, this allows you to run smoothly and quickly even on uneven and uneven surfaces. The split design makes it easy to carry with you.

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    High Performance Original Drift-Board Profession


    The new drift-boards and made from a PU material formulation and is very durable, safe and comfortable. High-speed silent bearings for smooth sliding without resistance. The carriage is made from lightweight alloy metal. The characteristics of the alloy material means they are resistant to impact. Once mastered then go and enjoy new found freedoms.

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    Jusenda Double Rocker Skateboard 80cm Unisex Longboard


    The skateboard comes fully assembled. Made with top quality materials making the skateboard strong and robust. With top quality print graphics the look is stunning. The skateboard is able to carry an person of up to 220 pounds in weight.

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    Jusenda Skateboard Mini Cruiser 22in Children’s Board


    The skateboard comprises of high-quality thickened PP plastic. So are more sturdy and durable than most boards. Also the cruiser board uses the most advanced ABEC-11 bearings. Faster & smoother while making less noise.

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    Mini Cruiser Skateboard Retro Non-slip Scooters


    The mini cruiser skateboard retro design. Non-slip scooters with a starry Print. 56 x 15cm this is an ideal product for children or teenagers. The skateboard is comprised of high-quality PP plastic. 4 Flash Durable PU casted wheels.

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    Mini Kids Jusenda Skateboard Penny Board


    The child’s skateboard is made from high quality thickened PP plastic. Able to support riders up to 70kg/154lb on smooth riding. With 3.25″ thick Aluminum & Magnesium paint trucks for maximum speed and control. Kicktail for added control when riding.   Equipped with flashing wheels that work when rolling. No need to charge or replace batteries, and always light up as you ride. This is a perfect learner skateboard for a young person.

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    Portable Freeline Drift Board Anti-skid Skates


    The aluminum alloy brackets are both very strong and robust. It is not easy to deform the bracket with a large bearing area. It is safe, reliable and flexible so easy to control when skating. This is a perfect design, just the right flexibility, but with unmatched strength. State-of-the-art surface treatment and high stability. This is a very versatile board ensuring maximum dynamics and speed


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    Skateboard Road Wheel Accessories Soft Wheel


     The material of the wheels is Polyurethane (PU). This will reduce excessive abrasion when in use. Ideal to fit for many skateboards, longboards and snake boards. The 52mm wheels have a durability hardness of 95A. With a fast start speed and a slow slide speed. The 70mm wheels have a durability hardness of 80A. Soft with an excellent rebound so provides good comfort on rough roads. Ideal wheels for your sport or fun.

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    Skateboard T-shaped Y-shaped Tool Multifunctional


    The multi tool is the best to use to maintain tour skateboard or roller blades. It has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard. The skateboard tool includes different sizes of sockets and a slide out head wrench screwdriver. This fits into the top of the handle when not in use. Strong and robust, not easy to break. Super durable and easy to carry.

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    Sturdy 79cm/31cm Complete Skateboard


    The 9 layer cold-pressed Maple Deck is Sturdy, Safe and will Resist Shocks from riding over rough tracks. Withstands riders up to 330 pounds and is suitable for boarders of all levels. The wheels have High Speed Silence ABEC 7 Precision Bearings, Durable 5 inch Aluminum Alloy Truck, 95A PU High Resilience Wheels, Provide you with a more stable and comfortable cruise. Weighs in at only 4.7 pounds. It has a double warped design with waterproof emery non slip grip tape.