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11-inch Off-road Folding e-Scooter 60V 3200W Robust

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The e-scooter is constructed of enhanced body aluminum alloy. This gives the e-scooter and strong and robust property with a lightweight feel. Powered using 2x 1600W brushless motors, giving a combined 3200W torque at the tyre tread.

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11-inch Off-road Folding e-Scooter 60V

3200W Robust Strong Powerful 2020

New Foldable Electric Bicycle Adult

About the item

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter
  • ULTRA WIDE OFF-ROAD TIRES:    The 11 inch off-road Vacuum Tire can run with high-grip on the dirt road,Easily cope with any terrain. And easy to climb any gradient you likely encounter.
  • Searchlights and HD Dial Display:    Dual LED Headlights With wide-angle lighting design, the illumination range is wider and farther. It is more conducive to riding at night. HD dial display,can adjust the speed, check the remaining power, riding distance and other parameters.
  • e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION:    With front and rear double Hydraulic shock absorber, Front long-distance hydraulic shock absorption,Rear high-end damping hydraulic shock absorption.Comfortable riding experience, coping More complex road conditions.
  • 3200W DUAL MOTOR:    Two independent 1600W motors propel the e-scooter to a max speed of 85km/h;Higher capacity 60V 30Ah battery provides a maximum travel range up to 90-100km and the charging period is within 6 -8 hours.Support USB charge.
  • e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter
  • WARRANTY:    1 year warranty for motor and controller, 6 months for battery.
Details: Turn signal design
The electric scooter has a left and right turn signal function and a guide turn signal, which allows you to provide more dynamic information to the rear vehicle when changing lanes, improving driving safety.
Single and dual drive switching
e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter
The e-scooter can be set at the control instrument panel to use single-drive mode or dual-drive mode. Single-drive mode provides longer-lasting cruising, and dual-drive mode provides more powerful power.
Meter + USB charging
Multifunctional LCD meter with USB charging port, convenient for you to charge anytime, anywhere, smart meter with high temperature resistance, short circuit resistance, intelligent control of driving speed.
Oversized pedal + rear handle
28CM oversized pedal supports feet and discharges on the pedal, making your riding more stable and comfortable The rear wheels have handles that can lift the car directly, making it easier to move the car.
e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Parameter details

Material:   Enhanced body aluminum alloy
Tire:   11 inch off-road vacuum tire
Motor power:   60V 3200W (single motor 1600W dual drive dual motor)
Endurance:   120 km
Brakes:   front and rear dual oil disc brakes + EBAS electronic brakes
Front shock absorption:   dual locomotive competition level with hydraulic front shock absorption
Rear shock:   high-end damping hydraulic shock
e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter
Pedal width:   28CM
USB charging port:   the meter has a USB mobile phone charging port
Charging time:   6-8 hours
Speed:   First gear maximum speed:   35km/h;
Second gear maximum speed:   65km/h;
Third gear maximum speed:   85km/h
e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Package Dimensions: 51.2 x 48.4 x 11.0 inches

11-inch Off-road Folding e-Scooter 60V

Take you through the alleys and over the mountains

Make cycling full of fun, work, shopping, entertainment, leisure. Go wherever you want

Anti-theft Alarm System

One key to lock the scooter, one key to find the scooter, one key alarm, one key unlocks

3200W high speed water resistant motor

3200w powerful power, no fear of going uphill, free switching between single and dual drives, ready to use

Hydraulic Front Shock Absorber

Adopt a further developed suspension system, equipped with two hydraulic shock absorbers on the front wheels. Ride comfortably on bumpy roads

Front and rear dual disc brake system

E-ABS electronic brake system
The front and rear disc brake system are adopted, and the E-ABS electronic brake system can brake more stably during emergency braking

U7 Headlight

Light up your way forward at night

Spring shock absorber

Bring smooth operation and cope with more complicated road conditions

11 Inch Off-Road Explosion-proof tubeless tire

Explosion-proof tires for scooter, with strong bearing capacity, better shock absorption effect, stronger grip, ensuring safe and comfortable driving

Dual drive front and rear motors

Climbing 45° without pressure

26AH lithium battery

Can ride 70km of full charge

Tax Notes

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e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter


we have one-year warranty for the scooter, you can take a picture and send to us if there are some parts broken during the warranty period, not including man-made damage, we will send new spare parts to you in time and help you replace the broken one step by step in pictures or video. so please don’t worry about it.


Brand: Jueshuai Scooter
Model: X60 Electric Scooter
Color: Black
Display: LCD digital display
Battery:18650 lithium battery

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Wheel size:11 inch vacuum tire
Battery capacity: 20AH /26AH/30AH
Working Voltage: 52V/60V
Maximum speed:60-80km/h
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight):75-100km
Charging Time: 6-8H
Brake: Disc Brake
Package Contents:1*electric scooter,1*charger,1*user manual.

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Main Features

1.Real Off-Road. With comfort shock absorption, you can ride anywhere you want and do not need to worry about the terrain.
2.Remote intelligent anti-theft. You can long-distance remote lock the folding scooter. And after the folding scooter was locked. It has one-click anti-theft, car lock, vibration, and alarm system to meet your daily anti-theft requirements.
3.Front and Rear Double Shock Absorption System. With highly effective shock absorption, you can Face the rugged road calmly, have more stable and safer riding experience.

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

4.Double 40A Vector Controller. Vector controller technology was imported from Japan. Dual 60V40A high current output plus 3200W High-speed motor with more powerful power and more precise control. And also, the controller’s life was extended to 10-15years.
5.Locomootive race-level Top with front shock absorption. The shock absorption works efficiently. And the 10mm preload adjustment function is more durable.
6.High-end damping Hydraulic shock absorption. It has 12-stage high-speed compression and 12-stage low-speed damping adjustment
7.Deeptrench barrier off-road vacuum tire. The 11-inch off-road vacuum tire has a larger span, makes your ride more comfortable and has a stronger off-road capacity.
8.Bearing Capacity. With a full-body aluminum alloy frame, it is easy to load 300KG.

Angel Eyes U7 LED Headlights

Long range strong light life like an angel escorts your night trip

11-inch Off-road Folding e-Scooter 60V

High Safety Samsung Battery

100KM Ultra Long-Distance Battery
The battery is safe and durable with a capacity of 1800Wh. Acceleration fast reaching a maximum speed of 80km/h. A full charge can take you to 100km

Climbing Ability Stronger 45°

Product Description:

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Product Name: 11 inch Powerful Dual drive Electric Scooter
Motor: 60V 2600W (Front 1300W+Rear 1300W,  Brushless motorr)/ 60V 3200W (Front 1600W+Rear 1600W,  Brushless motor, most powerful)
Max Load: 200Kg
N.W: 42-55Kg
Wheel Size: 11 inch Vacuum explosion proof tire
Battery capacity: 52V 20AH/ 60V 26AH/ (Li-ion battery)
Working Voltage: 52V/ 60V
Maximum speed:  60-80km/h
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight):60-100km
Charging Time: 6-8H
Angle of lift: 45 degrees
Light:  Front Lamp, Tail Light, Turn Light
Packing List: Electric Scooter, Power Charger,  User Manual

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Excellent Performance

2600W 52V20AH  Model
Max speed:  70KM/H
Distance:  60-70KM
Load:  200KG

3200W 60V26AH  Model
Max speed:  70KM/H
Distance:  80-90KM
Max load:  200KG

e-Scooter dual motor, Dual Motor scooter

Delivery Notes:

We can provide duty free service for this scooter, Without Tax and Duty to Below Areas:

1. Ship to EU, NO TAX To European Union Countries, UPS will delivery to your door.
3 . NO TAX To Russia
4. NO TAX to USA, Fedex will delivery to your door.
Our agency will finish Clearance for those above countries, there is no need buyer to do any assistant.

11-inch Off-road Folding e-Scooter 60V

There is Button, you can choose single motor or dual motor modes

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Additional information

Brand Name

Jueshuai Scooter











Applicable People


Charging Time


Range Per Charge



Two-wheel Scooter

Model Number

Jueshuai Electric Scooter X60

Tire Size

10 inch

Electric Scooter Model

Jueshuai X60 Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter Suit for

Riding Adult Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter Color

Black Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter Motor Wattage

2600W/3200W Brushless Motor

Electric Scooter Working Voltage


Electric Scooter Battery

20A/26A 18650 Lithium Battery

Electric Scooter Range Per Charge


Electric Scooter Max Speed


Electric Scooter Wheel Size

11-Inch Off-Road Tire Two Wheel

Electric Scooter Handlebar Type

Foldable Electric Scooter


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