18650 Li-ion Battery Pack AERDU 36V 12.8Ah 10S4P

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The Aerdu 18650 cell power pack is a multi use battery pack. Constructed to the buyer specifications and output values. Fitted with BMS function, this is to control Over-charge or over-discharge. Also over-current and short circuit protection. When storing the battery when not in use always store batteries in a cool, dry place. Before use when new or reuse after a long storage always recharge to full charge. To use without charging will lead to over-discharge and severe damage to the battery cells.

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18650 Li-ion Battery Pack

AERDU 36V 12.8Ah 10S4P 13Ah 12Ah 750W 500W Motor

e-Bike e-Scooter 37v Lithium Batteries

Product Description

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Model: AED-361280
Cell type: AED-32P(18650 3200mAh)
Cell count: 40 pieces(10S4P)
Nominal voltage: 36V
Charge voltage: 42V
Typical capacity: 12.8Ah/460Wh
Minimum capacity: 11Ah/396Wh
Rated power: 750Watt
BMS rated current: 25A discharge and 5A charge
BMS function: Over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit protection.
Connector: XT60 for discharge and DC5521 for charge
Package: heat shrinkable PVC, random color
Output voltage range: 28V-42V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 28V
Charge cut-off voltage: 42V
Charge method: CC-CV
Max. Charge current: 5A
Charge temperature: 0-45 ° C
Discharge temperature: -10-60 ℃
Storage temperature: -20-45 ° C (3 months)
Cycle life: 80% DOD after 500 cycles
Size: 185 * 80 * 70 mm(±3mm)
Weight: 1900g(±50g)


Period: 1year
The warranty covers the replacement of the 18650 cells
Damages not covered are- water damage, disassembly, modification, No use Match charger, Short circuit,
Treatment method: Send the replacement part to the buyer for replacement.


Suitable for less than 750W all 36V DC equipment. E-bike, scooters, etc.


Battery is a dangerous product. Before purchasing, please make sure that you understand the relevant knowledge of the lithium battery, and you can safely complete the installation of the battery pack or have a professional person assist in the installation. Improper operation may cause safety accidents, such as fire, explosion or equipment damage etc.. Please take all necessary precautions when using the battery.

Shipping List:

1 pcs 36V 12.8AH battery pack


18650 Li-ion Battery Pack

AERDU 36V 12.8Ah 10S4P 13Ah 12Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack 750Watt 500W Motor Ebike Scooter Extended Range 37v Lithium Batteries



AERDU 36V 12.8Ah 10S4P 13Ah 12Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack 750Watt 500W Motor Ebike Scooter Extended Range 37v Lithium Batteries


AERDU 36V 12.8Ah 10S4P 13Ah 12Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack 750Watt 500W Motor Ebike Scooter Extended Range 37v Lithium Batteries


– do not allow reverse charge, should be the battery according to the polarity of the correct connection, not to reverse.
– do not allow short circuit, otherwise it will cause permanent damage.
– the battery can not be used under extreme conditions, such as: the limit temperature, the depth of the cycle, the extreme over charge and over discharge.
– store batteries in a cool, dry place, if a large number of batteries are stored or shipped.
– do not directly on the battery solder.
– if the battery is noisy, high temperature, leakage and other abnormal situation, please stop using the.
– do not put in the fire or attempt to disassemble, the battery may burn or produce harmful substances.
– don’t allow the use of the old battery or half of the battery with a new battery, otherwise it will produce a discharge.
– do not cut off the shell and remove the battery’s jacket tube.
– don’t allow the battery to be put in the water.


– the battery should be charged before use.
– charging method according to the technical specifications.
– use the correct charger to charge.
When the battery is not used, it should be removed from the equipment.
– when the first use of a new battery or long-term storage use. Please fully charge before using.
– do not touch the battery when it is hot. Wait until it cools down.
– when the battery is low battery condition.  The device should be turned off to avoid over discharge.
– To pull out the battery pack, should hold the battery terminal. Do not pull out using the line cable.

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